County of Halvmåne - Chronicles of Elyria

Credits & Acknowledgements

  • Soulbound Studios for all their assets for Chronicles of Elyria.
  • Jovdaripper on DeviantArt - Vector Banners
  • Paperjunk on DeviantArt - Stock Pack 11: Golden Frames
  • Fowell on FurAffinity - Custom/Commission rendition of "Awenita Whitetail"

Website Changelog

  • 12.02.17
    • Updated the 'Aristocracy' page to allow the portraits to be clicked and show a pop-up window with basic information as shown in our thread. Also showcases links to their own threads, website(s), and discords (if available).
  • 10.30.17
    • Small changes fixing typos, code, and updating links.
    • Removed incomplete pages from the navigation menu.

Thread Changelog

  • 01.07.17
    • Multiple additions and changes have been made to the headers, separators, and some tweaks to the general information. Further changes will be noted on our website to keep from having this post stretch out the thread any further. Once the site has been launched this will become a "Thank You/Acknowledgement" post, giving shoutouts to Community members who have helped build and flesh out our County.
  • 12.10.16
    • Added a bio for Countess Awenita Whitetail (myself) under "Estate of Payne-Whitetail".
  • 12.05.16
    • Added a section under the House information for "Court of Nattehimmel".
  • 12.01.16
    • Added "The Sisterhood of the Moon" and a short description of the initiation and purpose for it.
  • 11.22.16
    • Made multiple adjustments to descriptors of different topics.
    • Added a "Business/Franchise" header to the Guild Registrar.
  • 11.18.2016
    • Made minor corrections to text, mostly dealing with names and other information that was incorrect or outdated.
    • Added a "Who We're Looking For" excerpt/TL;DR to the top of the thread for those seeking a short description.
    • Added "Major Exports" to the Basic Info list in the OP.
  • 11.14.2016
    • Changed Kingdom & Duchy fields under "Basic Info". We are now pledged under the Rule of King Sev Kimura of Ashland, and serving Duke Polite of Sanctaphandri.
  • 11.13.2016
    • Added additional information on the Retinue of Nymphs and their Oasis.
    • Added a personal header for the Noble Council and extra HR spacers for positions requiring additional requirements.
    • Added some Superstitions that are (primarily County based) associated with the following of Luna.
    • Changed Markdown headers to images.
    • Added some County ran organizations.
  • 11.11.2016
    • Added details about the Countesses Retinue as an extension of the Priestesses of Luna. Information is not final and will be tweaked as needed.
    • Added content in the introduction (OP) about who the main group behind the County are, more individual based details will be showcased on our website.
  • 11.09.2016
    • Added additional information/description for the Noble Council Advisors.
    • Added/Changed content within About The County (Goals, Values, Message).
  • 11.06.2016
    • Moved the thread to a new one in order to change the title. Old one can be found here.
    • Updated the "Quick Links" in the OP to reflect the change of threads.