County of Halvmåne - Chronicles of Elyria

Sacred Temple of Luna

Lore of the Qin, Luna

According to the Qindred, in the beginning there was just the one. Her name was Angelica. Angelica was alone in the vast emptiness and so she brought light into the world so she would feel warmth and see color. At the moment she created the Light, the cosmos spread out around her, expanding, filling the world with hundreds of billions of spiral and elliptical light sources, each themselves filled with hundreds of billions of lights.

But with the Light also came the Darkness, for one day Angelica looked out and saw her silhouette, cast as a shadow upon the world itself. At first, she was entertained by how it followed her, but she was lonely and got bored, and so she gave life to it. Her shadow, which she named Luna, became her twin. A darker version of herself, which she kept as her constant companion.

Luna then used her own magic to make her own lover, Sanguinis, Qin of Death and the fourth Qin. Luna and Sanguinis also had two children: Daemon, Qin of Fire, and Tora, Qin of Air. Luna joined with Ao, and created Mann.

About The Temple

The Temple of Luna within the capital is the main center of worship for our Goddess Luna as well as where the commonfolk can go to receive healing services with the blessings of Luna. All are welcome to worship, spectate, and heal within the walls of the Temple, even those who pray when it is convenient for them, or complete heathens of false Gods seeking hand outs. No matter your walk of life Goddess Luna will guide you through the Night with her shimmer light, no matter the phase of the Moon her light will shine and guide you. Her arms are always open to Mann and she welcomes you if you choose to see once more through the dark veil that has casted you away from her, you only need to call her name to be saved once more.

Ordination of Priestesses

  • Priestesses. Female only, or very effeminate/androgynous male(s).
  • Pure of Mind, Body, and Soul.
  • Midwife. As the Goddess Luna was chosen to become a midwife so shall you.
  • Gifted Huntress. Must train in the ranger arts and hone your skills as a hunter.
  • Clerical Healer. Must train in medicinal arts and hone your skills as a healer.
  • Charitable. Assist with the sick, diseased, and dying in the Temples/Hospitals.
  • Personal Guard. If chosen must be able to protect the Count/Countess as bodyguards; retinue.

All necessities will be provided for those who qualify and are chosen to be a Priestess of Luna. You will have room and board, uniforms, and specially crafted weaponry that only you, as a Priestess, will be in possession of - it will be your badge of office and considered a very sacred artifact bestowed upon only those worthy in the eyes of Luna.

Once a Priestess has reached an age of maturity they will still remain a Priestess but will no longer be invited to be within the Countesses retinue and will be expected to work primarily in the Temples, Churches, and Hospitals as Healers for those less fortunate. They will also be expected to assist in the training of Seminarians (read: priestesses in training), and the personal care of the home of the Noble Household.

The Sisterhood of the Moon

If you are not interested in becoming a Holy Embodiment of Luna and dedicating your life the link between Mann and Qin, but still wish to be taught and trained in the ways of our Goddess there is hope yet for you.. Our temple will also offer a Coven for womenn to submit themselves to in order to awaken and restore the deep connection they possess with the Goddess Luna through sacred ritual. However this path is not for everyone, though the process is not as daunting as the path of a Priestess it is not for the faint at heart either. You will need to face your inner demons and confront the reasoning for Manns banishment from the heavens, only true followers will make it through to the end and experience the true potential of Mann that was stripped from us due or our ignorance. Are you capable?

Religious Superstitions

  • Being out past dusk during a New Moon is considered bad luck.
  • Approaching a bathing woman shrouded in the light of Luna in the wild will be kidnapped by angry fairies.
  • Laying with a Priestess of Luna during her ordination will turn you to stone at night like a troll in the sun.